Elizabeth Shannon, an economics graduate from Sydney University, has worked for or consulted to a broad range of industries and companies including KPMG, Kelloggs and the NAB.

Shannon’s 20 year interest in personal development and alternative health focused on sleep in 1998 when she invented the dual-temperature Compatibility Blanket®, shown on the ABC New Inventors TV program.

Surprised by the gap between sleep research and how insomniacs approach their problem, she developed online sleep education programs.

Her online web seminar series Sleep With The Experts, was attended by insomniacs and health care professionals from the US, UK, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Europe, Canada and Australia, and attracted national television coverage on Network 10’s 9am with David and Kim.

The book Sleep Mojo was released late 2011, followed by the Sleep Mojo Live weekend seminar.

It’s not just individuals who aren’t well informed on sleep and the effects of fatigue.  Students aren’t clued up and corporate cultures are decades behind sleep technology.

Elizabeth Shannon sleep education

Her company Sleepless No More educates individuals, schools and organizations on fatigue management, improved productivity, risk reduction, better  learning, even enhanced sporting performance.

Insomnia is both common and chronic among adolescents.

Teenagers, at this most important time in their lives, are expected to achieve excellent results, but are going to sleep later, drinking caffeinated energy drinks, eating junk food to stay awake and overloading on stimulants such as violent video games.  Anything to stay alert and awake when they are clearly sleep deprived!  It’s stunting their growth, reducing their IQ, increasing their weight and causing them to take more risks and make more errors.  One study found that teenagers getting less than 5 hours sleep a night are tripling their chances of developing mental health issues.

In business there are challenges too.  With monetary rewards tightening and equity incentives reduced, organizations are looking to meaningful non-monetary incentives to reward their top performers.  Longer working hours; a significant reduction in loyalty and trust; and less engaged staff are the result of the global financial crisis (GFC).  Businesses and their staff are shocked and hurting – and it’s affecting their stress and anxiety levels, depression, health and sleep.

There are proven ways that organizations can improve their bottom line through inexpensive cultural change.  And there are proven ways where learning and performance can be enhanced.

95.2 percent of people going to their doctor in Australia with a sleep disorder are being prescribed sleeping pills, against the recommendations of the Australian National Prescribing Service.  In a significant number of cases these medications become part of the problem, not the solution.

Her next book, directed at organisations, promises to harden the so-called soft issue of fatigue!

Elizabeth Shannon is a leading educator on sleep and fatigue.  She is a frequent guest on TV and radio, featured on the Today Show, 9am with David and Kim, Radio 89.3 KPCC Southern California, 2UE, 3AW, 6PR, 4BC, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald-Sun, The Financial Review Magazine and numerous other publications.

Funny, pragmatic, even caustic, she’s guaranteed to wake you up about sleep.

Contact Elizabeth by email:  elizabeth@sleeplessnomore.com

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